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If you are a new client or you would like to book an appointment for an animal NP Vet Physio has not seen before, please complete the short 'New Client Questionnaire' via the relevant link below to book an appointment.


Once we have received your completed form we will review the details and contact you regarding appointment dates and times. 

If your animal has been assessed by NP Vet Physio before, please simply contact us to book in again.

Please note that veterinary consent and/or notification will be required before physiotherapy treatment.

For more details regarding vet consent, please see below.

Horseback Riding


Why is veterinary consent required?

It is legally required under the Veterinary Surgeon's Act (1966) for Veterinary Physiotherapists to have permission to assess or treat an animal. This ensures that the animal is suitable to undertake a physiotherapy assessment and treatment.

For animals not currently under veterinary review or treatment, consent is not necessary. However, NP Vet Physio will notify your vet practice of their intention to treat your animal.


Why is this information required?

Completing the information in this form helps NP Vet Physio to better understand details of your horse's circumstances or condition and provides relevant information that will assist in developing suitable and effective individual treatment plans.

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