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Electrotherapies: Welcome

Electrotherapy refers to equipment that uses electricity to deliver energy into the body to achieve a therapeutic effect, such as reducing pain and optimising healing conditions.

NP Vet Physio has the following electrotherapy devices which can be used on your animal depending on their individual case:
- Omega Class 3b Laser
- John Smith Longwave Therapeutic Ultrasound
- Westville Biomag PMFT
- Epiony Heat Pad

Physiotherapy sessions include use of electrotherapies as appropriate at no extra cost. 
'Laser / Ultrasound Only Sessions' can be booked as follow up appointments e.g., for animals undergoing specific injury rehabilitation (please note full a physiotherapy session will be required first to ensure appropriate treatment).

Electrotherapies: Text


Laser therapy uses specific wavelengths of light to produce therapeutic effects in tissues. Light is absorbed, causing cells to become excited and upregulate their processes as well as causing chemical cascades. This helps reduce inflammation, pain and optimises healing, especially when applied to areas where circulation is poor or healing has become delayed.

Laser therapy can therefore be extremely beneficial for managing arthritis and helping treat tendonitis / tendinopathy, trigger points and wounds. 



Therapeutic ultrasound is different from diagnostic ultrasound (this is what your vet uses to scan injuries or in pregnancies). In therapeutic ultrasound, soundwaves are absorbed by tissues, causing thermal (heating) and mechanical effects. Vibrations within tissues created by the ultrasound cause gentle movement of fluids and stimulate healing by optimising cell function and increasing blood flow to the area. 

Ultrasound is particularly beneficial in breaking down adhesions, dispersing swelling, organising scar tissue into functional directions and improving soft tissue extensibility. Application of ultrasound gel to your animal's coat is necessary, however this is completely safe, non-toxic and can be wiped off afterwards.



PMFT delivers high frequency pulsed magnetic fields into tissues. This enhances ion movement across cells and therefore improves cell processes to aid the repair of tissues where damaged. 

Different settings of PMFT have different effects; it can be used to increase or decrease blood flow and is therefore useful at different stages of injuries, as well as being able to provide pain relief by preventing the transmission of pain signals. Additionally, PMFT can assist with peripheral nerve healing and fracture repairs.



Heat therapy increases blood flow to an area, bringing with it new oxygen and nutrients and increases metabolic rate, helping healing processes.


Heat also helps to improve soft tissue extensibility and decrease pain, and is therefore useful in relaxing muscle spasm and improving stiffness.

However, heat should never be used immediately or in the first 72 hours after injury as it may make it worse. If in doubt please speak to your vet or a professional.

Electrotherapies: Services
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