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Kinesiology taping is a therapeutic tool used to achieve a range of effects, such as reducing pain, spasm, swelling and providing structural support, as well as increasing proprioception. Kinesiology taping is based on neurophysiological mechanisms and the effect of mechanical stimuli on body systems, including skin, fascia, lymphatic and circulatory systems and the central nervous system.

Kinesiology tape remains on the animal for up to 3-5 days and usual activities (such as walking, riding and turnout) can be undertaken as normal.

Kinesiology tape is most effective when applied after manual therapy, helping to prolong benefits. Therefore, NP Vet Physio offers a kinesiology taping service following full physiotherapy sessions to ensure that taping is appropriate. Please note there is a surcharge for this service to cover tape costs. 'Reapplication Sessions' can be arranged where needed and charged as appropriate.

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