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At NP Vet Physio the following techniques, skills and tools are all employed using clinical reasoning as part of your animal's assessment and treatment plan. Sessions are bespoke, depending on individual needs and circumstances.



Manual therapy consists of various techniques designed to promote blood flow, stimulate healing, improve soft tissue extensibility and joint health. 

Techniques include massage, trigger point and myofascial release, stretches and joint mobilisations.



Electrotherapy refers to equipment that uses electricity to deliver energy into the body to achieve a therapeutic effect, such as reducing pain and optimising healing conditions.

NP Vet Physio has the following electrotherapy devices which can be used on your animal depending on their individual case:

- Omega Class 3b Laser

- John Smith Longwave Therapeutic Ultrasound

- Westville Biomag PMFT

- Epiony Heat Pad

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Each animal will be given individual exercise plans tailored to their requirements, taking owners / carer circumstances into consideration.


Exercise prescription will help prolong treatment benefits and optimise your animal's recovery during rehabilitation in addition to promoting suppleness, appropriate muscle tone, core strength, proprioception, joint health and improved performance.

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Each animal's exercise regime and home environment will be assessed and advice given to optimise their daily routine where appropriate and feasible. 

Small management changes can make a huge difference to animals' progress and wellbeing and are often extremely simple to implement.

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KINESIOLOGY TAPING *(add on service)

Kinesiology taping is a therapeutic tool used to achieve a range of effects, such as reducing pain, spasm, swelling and providing structural support, as well as increasing proprioception. Kinesiology taping is based on neurophysiological mechanisms and the effect of mechanical stimuli on body systems, including skin, fascia, lymphatic and circulatory systems and the central nervous system.

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